Coaching horse & rider for enhanced performance & wellness

Why focus on Rider Biomechanics?

"I help riders create beautiful and biomechanically sustainable improvements in their horse's way of going through an awareness of rider biomechanics. This applies to whatever discipline you wish to enjoy, from dressage to showjumping or equitation and everything in between! I love to see the changes achieved in each riding lesson as riders improve their awareness of their posture and balance, and their horses respond.

"I have seen time and again how the alignment of the rider affects the horse's way of going. That is why an expert rider can hop on a horse and make improvements very quickly yet those changes don't 'stick' when the expert hops off."  -  Sue Pennington, Ride With Your Mind Coach

Riding Coaching & Lessons

Sue Pennington offers individual or group dressage, pole work or jumping lessons to benefit all levels, either at her arena in the Woodhill area, or at your local arena by arrangement. She is passionate about helping riders of all levels and disciplines improve their rider biomechanics so that they can transform their riding, discover new skills, achieve goals, solve problems and build confidence.

Individual, Pair or Group Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons

Riding lessons for individual equestrians, pairs of riders or groups of up to 4 riders are welcome to book lessons with Sue, either at her home arena or she can travel to you in the Nor-West Auckland area or further by arrangement for groups.

Pole-work Clinics with Individual or Pair Lessons

Pole work clinics

Pole work is not just for jumpers! In fact many top dressage riders say pole work is essential for the training. Pole work builds the horse's strength and mobility correctly, and provides the perfect opportunity to improve the rider's biomechanics.

Equestrian Coaching via Video Feedback

riding coaching via video

Not local? Need specific guidance? No problem - Distance Coaching via Video Feedback supports rider progress when Sue can't be in the arena with you.

Qualifications & Accreditations