Sue is an Accredited Ride with your Mind Coach

Primarily focused on Rider Biomechanics, Sue works with the rider to create a more balanced and aware posture that helps the horse to excel.

Using the principles of Ride With Your Mind, Sue gives riding lessons and holds regular pole work clinics in North Auckland to empower riders to school their horses in a way that optimises their Biomechanics for improved soundness, performance and ride-ability. As one of only three Accredited Ride With Your Mind Coaches across New Zealand, Sue brings a depth of knowledge and understanding to her riding lessons that is unique. Sue’s coaching philosophy compliments the training of most riding instructors:

“My aim is to improve the rider’s body awareness, concentration and core muscle strength, which allows the rider to have a more positive and ethical influence on the horse, this is achieved by a highly interactive approach between myself and the rider. I am passionate about helping riders of all levels and disciplines improve their rider biomechanics so that they can transform their riding, discover new skills, achieve goals, solve problems and build confidence. It is also my goal to assist riders to improve their horse’s biomechanics, the better the rider sits the better the horse goes and vice versa. My approach aims to improve both the rider and horse’s way of going, straightness, rhythm and balance helping both rider and horse stay sounder for longer.”

Sue’s other coaching philosophies include : Straightness Training (developed by Marijke de Jonge), and Equitation Science (including the McLean Method) and Ritter Dressage. The common thread is that they all use biomechanics – for both the horse and the rider – coupled with ethical treatment of the horse, and an understanding of how horses learn.

About Ride With Your Mind

Mary Wanless, the founder of Ride With Your Mind, is an internationally renowned coach, and is the author of the ‘Ride With Your Mind’ books. She coaches riders at all levels, from relative novices to top US dressage riders, and some of the Canadian eventing squad. She has B.Sc. degrees in both Physics and Applied Sports Coaching, and holds the BHSI certificate.

The world’s best riders may have implicit knowledge or ‘know-how’, but they cannot put this knowledge into words. The resulting dislocation between expertise and explanation makes it hard for skilled riders to ‘clone’ themselves when coaching – indeed, what they do, and what they say they do can be poles apart. Mary discovered that their skills have an underlying structure, and knowing this explicitly enables RWYM coaches to communicate it to others, making the ‘how’ of riding and its biomechanics explicit and learnable whilst avoiding preconceptions that stifle learning.

“Ride With Your Mind is a phenomenally effective way of helping riders develop both feel and influence. Talent really can be taught!”