Weekend Pole Clinics & Riding Clinics

Pole Clinics 

Pole work is beneficial for every horse and rider combination, regardless of which discipline they prefer.

Sue holds monthly pole clinics at Sandstone Equestrian for individual or pairs lessons.

Sandstone is a lovely big 45 m x 65 m area which means we have plenty of space to create pole layouts that improve your horse's suppleness, expression, mobility and regularity.

Sue often runs 'on-request' clinics for riding groups on a variety of topics. If you have a group of horse riders who would like lessons, please get in touch.

Horse & Rider Biomechanics Clinics

Sue Pennington Equestrian works with King Equine Osteopathy to offer Horse & Rider Biomechanics Clinics that focus on optimising both rider and horse biomechanics and performance using osteopathy for both horse and rider and private ridden lessons. Limited to 6 combinations.

Next Clinic: April 13 & 14, Waimauku, Auckland.

Day 1
Private lesson with Sue, with Emily also watching both the horse and rider. Sue, the rider and I will discuss during this lesson what we would like to improve with both the rider and the horse. Following your lesson, your horse will have an osteopathic treatment with Emily where we will start to address any issues with the horse that were identified during that mornings lesson.

Day 2
The rider will have an osteopathic treatment with Emily where we will start to address any imbalances or issues that the rider may have. These will have been identified in the first lesson on day one. We will be working specifically to change biomechanical patterns that may make the rider less effective with their aids or postures/asymmetries that may be causing the horse to struggle.

Following the rider's osteopathic treatment with Emily the rider will have their second private lesson with Sue continuing to work with both the horse and rider biomechanically. This will allow us to see any changes with the horse and rider and discuss a management plan for that combination, specific to their goals for the season.

Both days include video feedback of the ridden lessons, to give the rider the opportunity to see the differences in their riding and horse's way of going. There will also be a discussion with the rider identifying what they are wanting to change or improve in themselves or their horse.