Rider stories of success & learning

Day 1 of the Body Mastery Clinic with Anne Montgomery and Jenni Abdelnoor in Waimauku was fantastic. I loved seeing the progress of all the riders. Some lovely horse riders came along to learn more about how they can positively influence their horse's way of going by improving their own biomechanics.


My horse was nervous at the show and very hot to begin with but I kept thinking of all the things Sue tells me in a lesson  - "Breathe, breathe, breathe! YOU set the rhythm, slow your rise" - and she calmed down and began to have fun. We ended up doing some of our best work with a lovely rhythm as if we were in a lesson, where I could feel each hoof plant cleanly.” 

– Huia & Summer

Here is the lovely Beccy on Sue's super horse Jasper! Beccy's gorgeous mare Rosie stayed with Sue most of last year, a lovely quirky mare who sue says has taught her and reminded her of the different aspects and approaches of training and rehabing horses. "I've loved the challenge and reaped the rewards of helping a horse and a rider to build more useful muscles and behaviour patterns which has built a different type of bond and understanding. I wish Beccy and Rosie all  the best and I will make sure it won't be too long before I see them again in Cambridge."

This was Kate's first lesson with Sue Pennington. She commented "I got more out of one lesson with Sue than I did in four other lessons!"